Her Own Space is a community for women only, driven by the urgent need to empower them to manage their home renovation effectively.  A Retrofit approach including making sustainable choices are key to ensure our homes meet Net Zero targets. Ensuring homeowners have access, from the beginning, to understand retrofit ensures they can make the best decision for them from the start.

The community was created to provide a much needed platform for women to learn from other women quickly and as a portal for entry at the start of your project.

The community, of over 3200 women, is run by Ellora Coupe, retrofit professional and project manager. Its members are a diverse range of women of every house topology, across the UK, who have instant access to expertise and resources to establish the best pathway in their renovation/retrofit project.

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My Dad was a builder, renovating houses for over 35yrs and had an incredible passion for environmental issues. I grew up on building sites and went on to train as a Design Manager and Interior Designer and more recently specialised as a "Retrofit" professional. I owe so much to him for supporting me and driving my personal goal to support homeowners make the right decisions with trusted professionals.


This is me, with a lovely picture of oranges! I am actually talking with an amazing cohort of professional women, that have been a big part of my life (thank you you know who you are). The support I get from them inspired me to create "Her Own Space".

In the same spirit of mutual empowerment that encourages us to take bold steps, we place our trust in each other. The personal experiences we share significantly enhance our own professional endeavours. I firmly believe that much of the success women achieve in their lives can be attributed to the support and inspiration of other women around them.



I realised recently, that what was familiar to me, was the most daunting undertaking for women. I was frequently asked by friends for advice and I realised how hard it was for them to navigate a home renovation. They were all extremely confident and capable women, but the thought of navigating personal budgets, tracking deadlines, trusting tradespeople, was not clear cut. Basically, no one in the building trade has made it their mission to put women's success at the heart of their own goals, let alone empower them to make the best decisions.



There is one thing we cannot avoid and that is that we are living in a very volatile time. We need to make sustainable choices, we are going to need to "Retrofit" our homes and navigate this process as seamlessly as possible. We may need to make costly choices in order to improve our homes the right way. But where do we start and who do we trust? I want to make sure I provide the information for you, to ensure you factor in sustainability at every cornerstone. It is why we have to make it easier to understand, easy to grasp and affordable and why our supplier discounts are from suppliers who put sustainability at the core of their business.

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